REALTEC Ltd. has several 4- and 5-axis machining centres from various manufacturers at its disposal that are currently operated by 30 trained employees in three shifts.

Each facility has holding devices,hydraulic clamping devices or adaptors which have been especially developed for our customers components so that cost effective and efficient production is ensured. If it is advantageous or necessary we can manufacture special tools with which processing can be made much faster. This allows e.g. milling of various superimposed diameters in one work process.

Up to 12 simultaneous clamping set-ups put us in the position to be able to manufacture larger quantities and deliver on schedule.

The programming of the necessary CNC data or the adapting of customer data to the requirements of serial production is carried out by our CAD/CAM- technicians.

We process all common data formats,special formats can usually be converted.

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> 1024
> 600 < 1023