'Inaccurate' is not our way

We manufacture ready to assemble small and medium-sized serial components according to our customers drawings and specifications. Our 4- and 5-axial CNC- systems work in µ-tolerance range.
Continuous quality assuring controls ensure the high quality of your components.
We have, in addition to extensive standard measuring systems, a KMG Zeiss PMC 850 CNC- measuring machine at our disposal. With the 'Richter-Markierteufel' we can continuously serialise components on demand.

Our production facility is equipped with special tools and hydraulic clamping systems for the simultaneous set-ups of up to 12 components. Processing is therefore possible every second depending on the complexity of the components.
REALTEC customers have high expectations regarding adherence to delivery dates and reliability which we fulfil on a regular basis.

Here you will find a selection of reference components that have been processed on our premises.

We process the following materials as standard :
Aluminium, steel and cast iron.

Cast iron parts can be provided with a paint prime coat on our premises.
All other surface finishes are carried out by reliable partner companies.

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